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Boticellis Venus



capture Samael Aun Weor

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The Golden Section

I just brought a little book on the Golden Section or phi and it is really amazing. This divine proportion as it has been called through out history can be found everywhere, in plants, shells, dna, the stock market, the stars. Artists used it in their paintings and it can be found in the compositions of great composers. To me it is a revelation, I realized that it is a point of intersection between, science, religion, mathematics, music and the arts. It has been said that these were combined in the past but have been divided for a long time. I doubt that this wasn’t the only common factor but it must have been an example of how they were inter woven.


Now this can be found as a basis for so many paintings, architecture, statues, stone carvings. Looking at it you can see that it is a continuation in exact proportion, it’s the same for the pentagram. Here is a good link to how the Golden section fits in with the Pentagram                    Pentragram showing golden triangles based on phi (1.618 0339 ...)Penrose tiles showing golden triangles based on phi (1.618 0339 ...)

I’m going to explore this more and hopefully make some use of it. if I do or don’t it’s still extremely exciting to explore:-)

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Belief and Truth

Lately I have been questioning my beliefs. When you really look at it what are beliefs? How do beliefs influence my life and how I live, my opinions of other people, how I relate to others, etc. We can see in the world that beliefs have a huge influence on events, huge. People kill in the name of beliefs, countries go to war based on a belief of freedom there are also many good things that happen because of beliefs, a belief in being a good person, so there is 2 sides of the coin.   Looking at this from a spiritual perspective, I have to ask myself “Where do beliefs come from?” if the good and the bad are 2 sides of the same coin then what is beyond that? it’s something that is a mystery, what is behind the mind? our beliefs? Is it fair to say beliefs are a security for us so we feel we understand the world and the after life. Taking away belief is like pulling the rug out from under ourselves, where then do we get our life view from?

In my Gnostic studies I have found it necessary to challenge my beliefs to try and understand them, when I do  this properly I discover I’m separate from them. Also what is surprising is that I have found that it is a relief to be rid of some of them – often I have tried to push my beliefs on to others and convince them of what I believe to be right, it could be anything, a perceived truth, style of music, spirituality, religion, art, whatever. It is quite liberating to not feel I have to convince others that I know better and is the truth for all people.

Now with feeling separate from my beliefs. Through this I see beliefs come and go, they are never the same, like other thoughts and feelings, they seem impermanent.  When I experience this I feel I’m permanent I watch all of this come and go similar to standing on the side of the road and watching traffic go past. I’m told this is what consciousness is to be spiritually awake, I feel better when I’m in this conscious state,  I feel more like my self, calm and centered. 

This is the big question regarding belief, When I’m in this conscious state, then why do I need belief? Why do need to hold onto feeling like I’m right? Why the need for security? To me it seems more important to investigate the mystery of who I really am to remain in that inner silence and calm of that permanence I have experienced and the feeling of being my self. When I’m there I don’t feel like I have to know everything I don’t feel a need to hold on to precious ideals and beliefs. Still there is new learning everyday and new discoveries to be made and more beliefs to understand.

Finding the Truth today by Belzebuub is a video that has inspired me and are related to my study of beliefs. It has been up for sometime but has recently been reloaded as a high res video.

Here is the second video I posted earlier but there was some technical problems so here it is again, enjoy:-)

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Radio Interview

This is an interview with Belzebuub a world authority on Gnosticism that is being held on the 25 January on Triple J in Australia (find the frequency where you live) or listen live on the internet

Belzebuub talks with presenter Dave Callan on the state of the world today and what steps have to be taken as a humanity and as individuals, to facilitate positive change.

Location: The Graveyard Shift with Dave Callan on Triple J, Australia

Time: Sunday 25 January 2009, 1:30am – 2:15am EDT Australia

Find out the time in your timezone

Over the years I have been inspired and motivated by Belzebuub’s teaching’s to seek spiritual change within myself, to gain knowledge of who I am and to live a spiritual life. His talks are really insightful and something not to miss.  I’ve learn’t a lot from him and so it is only fitting I include him in this blog and what he has to offer I think is useful for everyone who want to bring about a life change. If you  go to Belzebuubs website you will find more information there.

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I’ve recently been investigating listening. Hearing as we know is one of the five senses. When used properly our senses are useful for inner development, we can use them to awaken.

I’ve decided to investigate listening for a few reasons. Mainly so I can be a better listener and more attentive in conversations since I have noticed myself in conversation sometimes appearing to be attentive but within myself thinking about other things. I also would like to know how much I actually here what is going on around me, how often I miss out on sounds, when I’m away with a day dream. I also would like to see how I react to others upon hearing what they have to say , what sort of inner commentary goes on, judgments, etc.

So far it has been a wonderful investigation, when being aware, I notice more sounds coming to my sense of hearing I feel more centered and calm alert and in the moment. I’m making more of an effort to be attentive when someone is speaking to me so egaging in conversation more wholeheartedly. Hopefully this little investigation will help me to use my hearing consciously

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Spiritual Life – A new beginning

This is my Gnostic blog it will include  my experience and thoughts on Gnosticism, I guess it is my journey trying to live a more spiritual life. It’s a fascinating subject and something that I have been interested in for a long time. The word Gnosis (Greek word for hidden knowledge) where we get gnostic from, I feel is so important in day to day living, relationships and just understanding the life I have. I would like to share this with people in this way because I find it interesting and life changing and hopefully there is the opportunity to discuss some of the things I talk about here. Blogging is a new thing for me and something I’m sure will be a worthwhile experience. So A new beginning of sorts:-)